Paid Social Media Marketing?

I believe every company can benefit from paid social media marketing, however, companies may benefit differently depending on their target market, products or services sold, and purchase or order workflow.

Paid advertising in the social media world is extremely unique. Social media in itself is about human connection online. In order to capitalize on this connection, it is imperative that advertising is distinctly different that any other form of advertising. Similar to grassroots marketing, social media marketing uses the power and connection of everyday people to move an idea or sell a product. In order benefit from social media advertising, marketers must understand how to sell through connection.

In 2015 social media advertising revenue reached over $8.4 billion. Whether successful or not, marketers are definitely trying to capitalize on the the opportunity. According to an article on, some of the benefits from advertising on social media include advanced targeting options, specific conversion tracking and mobile dominance.

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