List-Buildling for Recruiters

Whether you are a recruiter or the owner of a recruiting or staffing firm, list building is and can be an important tool for advertising.  

What is list-building? 

Here's a great explanation from David Boozer.  

How does this info relate to staffing and recruiting? If you have access to your very own website / landing page (for all my small staffing companies), you must have a list building strategy.  

Something to think about:  

In my role, I have created a website that offers quality info for hospitality and food service job seekers. Specifically, why they should obtain a Food / Alcohol handler certification and where to go to get it. This information will attract the passive and active job seekers (who? see the previous post), because this information will benefit them. It will also create a more educated base of potential applicants for my hospitality positions.

Here's the catch, they must submit their email address to gain this info. Of course, we let them know that they will be emailed current job openings, news about our company, offers and info relevant to the hospitality industry. (Yes, I am talking about a squeeze page, we will explore more about squeeze pages...send me your questions in the meantime.)

This can transfer across any industry in the staffing world. Offering quality information is so important to list building - and now you don't have to wait for them to apply to collect their email address.

Has anyone else tried list building as a recruiting tool?