The 3 Type of Job Seekers. Connecting with your Audience.

I'd like to take some time to explore the idea of an active job seeker (which we, in the staffing / recruiting industry, typically understand) versus the passive job seeker or even the happily employed.  

1. The Active Job Seeker can be unemployed or employed (and unhappy) and is actively searching for a new job (openly or quietly). This person usually has already reached out to friends / acquaintances / family and has posted his or her resume on multiple job sites. This person is looking, to say the least, for ads that scream "JOB OPEN". Those most persistent will even apply without the ad. 

2. The Passive Job Seeker can also be unemployed (on unemployment or just not in need of a job) or employed and dissatisfied for any number of reasons with their current job. The art of connecting with the passive job seeker is not usually mastered in the staffing industry. Why? Recruiters and Staffers are reactionary. The industry itself is reactionary. So we aren't looking to connect with those that aren't currently job seeking. 

Some headhunters and corporate recruiters will seek out employed professionals and sell the new opportunity. This can be considered a form of connecting with the passive job seeker. Bottom-feeding through resume search databases for people that may have (three years ago) been searching for a job can also be considered a form of connecting with the passive job seeker, as they are most likely not actively seeking anymore.  

But think about this...what about connecting and establishing a relationship with a community of people, sharing ideas, tips and news about finding employment, resume building, interviewing tips, etc? Meaning instead of screaming job ads - share ideas and tips with your new community. This philosophy is widely used in other industries but is mostly lost on us staffers and recruiters. 

This community will trust you as a leader and an expert in your field - the more valuable information you provide, the more buzz and community you create. And why do all of this? Because these are your potential future applicants, and friends / acquaintances / family of potential applicants!  

Your future applicant pool should be thought of as a gold mine. You are building your pool for the future. You are establishing trust, eliminating the need to do so when these potential applicants become active job seekers. And your community becomes your active "walking" advertisements. Word of mouth is TRULY your best form of advertisement.  

None of this is to say to ignore your current advertising techniques or neglect your immediate job ads, but to give you a new perspective to building an inventory or pool of applicants for the future.  

What do you think is the first step in building this community? 


 Look at this infographic from - Great insight to the passive vs. active job seeker. 

Look at this infographic from - Great insight to the passive vs. active job seeker.