2 keys to successfully attracting the right applicant: Recruitment Today.

Recruiting today is all about connecting with your potential applicants quickly, building trust, and providing enough information to interest your potential applicant.  For me, I have a specific technique to advertising a specific job. 

No matter the vehicle of advertising, there are two main keys to successfully attracting the right applicant.  

1. Know your audience. This isn't a new concept. It is, however, sometimes lost from a recruiter's prospective. If you are recruiting nurses - you need to understand the verbiage, the job duties, the personality traits of someone who would take on a nursing job. BUT you cant get lost in the formalities. People are still just people. In this connection revolution, the major discovery is that people connect with other people through social interaction and connection that is for the most part - not formal. You must, while remaining professional, learn to connect with your audience.

2. Know the job you're advertising. This isn't a new concept either. I often wonder why is it that so many recruiters and staffers believe they can read a job description and think they can be an expert at what they are sourcing for. An administrative assistant in a advertising firm, is totally different than the exact same job description in a healthcare facility. Visiting the client site is of course the easiest and fastest way to get a better idea of the site, but if that's not an option for you, you've got to be able to get a sense of the atmosphere, know the expectation level, ask for the goals and get an idea of the stress level, volume of work on the job. You must be able to explain the job description, management style as well as the culture of the job in just a few short lines (sometimes just a few short words) to your audience effectively.  

By understanding these two points alone, you can begin brainstorming words, phrases, that will attract the right applicant.  

I ran across this article from SocialMediaExaminer.com while exploring these concepts - and while its not specifically about recruiting (its about small businesses on social media) - it definitely hits on the highlights of connecting through social media. Because social media has a relatively low direct expense (cost) its one of the main platforms for recruitment today. Read the article here.

How does can we take these concepts and reconfigure them to fit into the world of recruitment?