Thank you for visiting this new space. The idea is an open candid conversation for staffing professionals and marketing professionals in the staffing industry. I, myself have over 12 years of graphic design marketing experience, mostly directly related to my being a second generation executive of a family-owned multi-million dollar staffing company. 

This is an exciting time in the staffing industry. I believe the industry is slowly changing and evolving itself along side the new connection revolution. If you haven't noticed, or just been to busy to see the evolution take place, let me be the first to tell you -- its here.  

What is the connection revolution?  

I first discovered the concept of the revolution from renowned author and speaker Seth Godin, and although I stand firm on my foundation and beliefs, I do believe that we are in a new transitional time.   

As he describes here, Seth Godin specifically talks about the four pillars of the connection revolution: coordination, trust, permission, and most importantly the exchange of ideas. 

The overall idea is that we are connected more than ever before in history. Those that may not have had a voice before can now connect via technology to anyone. This connection causes an exchange of information and ideas instantly.  

How does all of this relate to staffing? Good question. This blog will explore the concept of connection and how it relates to recruitment, social media, placement, and simply staffing. 



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