How to use twitter...for recruiting.

My idea of Twitter is like a flow of water. You have to say something that jumps out just to be noticed. Tweets come in seconds apart even faster when there's something hot trending and you have to be ready to tackle a truly different kind of social media.

So in my experiences, I've discovered that using Twitter you really have to stay on top of what's trending, your followers, what stands out as your favorites, and how to make your tweets someone else's favorites.

So how does this relate to recruiting?

If you've ever seen a job at on Twitter you notice that the ad is mostly just the job title the area or location and something screaming click me.

How do you make 140 characters a quick, easy, personable job advertisement?

I think the key to tweeting job ads is really not about changing that one tweet but about tweeting constantly. Strategically writing tweets that follow the trends and talking about topics other than just jobs. We've talked previously about building a community of followers. You're not typically going to build a community of followers by a series of tweets only about jobs ads.

You really have to say something relevant and something that interests someone else, that makes someone retweet your tweet, or makes them want to make your tweet their favorite. You have to remember Twitter is not something you get into and jump out of, you have to stay active and think strategically.

My first suggestion would be to make sure Twitter something you even want to get into because it takes time it takes time building a following and it takes time gathering things to say and either scheduling tweets through a site such as Hootsuite, or tweeting on a continuous basis.

How successful do you think Twitter is for recruitment purposes?

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