Using your voice on social media.

We've talked a lot about the importance of connection and the words you use in job ads. One of the biggest pieces of the connection revolution is a personal connection. What I have found is that talking about a job advertisement is much more relatable, acceptable and shared on social media when it comes from a real person rather than a company profile.  

Tweeting, Posting on Facebook, and sharing on other social media accounts read and related to differently when shared with a human, relatable perspective. Although 140 characters may seem difficult to write (or tweet) and make a job advertisement seem relatable, you can begin the connection just by using a personal profile. 

This doesn't mean you have to use YOUR personal profile, if you aren't comfortable, but a separate profile created for this purpose. A company profile just doesn't connect with readers as well.

Remembering that this connection revolution is all about dialogue and interaction - wouldn't you rather interact with the recruiter rather that a shared company profile? 

Tiffany Wrightold, staffingComment