Building a Community of Followers (Potential Applicants)

So I've been talking (in previous posts) about building a community of potential future applicants. A community of followers can be a great place to network, build a brand and create a buzz with word-of-mouth advertising and yes, a great potential talent pool.

So you've started list building, what now? 

After you have your pre-qualified community of followers, you can now start to communicate. No matter what you do to accumulate your list, your readers and followers know that you are a recruiter or staffer and are expecting to receive job ads. And as recruitment for jobs is your ultimate goal, you will send ads. But sending out more informative and interesting content to your applicants is the very best way to:

1. Build trust. If you give your applicants information about their industry, whether it be news, facts, or resources, they will begin to trust you as an authority in their industry.  

2. Gather Information. To start, you cant help but to stay up to date on industry related info by searching for new content to send to your community. Furthermore, if you engage in dialogue with your community through social media, email conversations, etc. you can begin to understand more about your community as a whole. 

So what do I talk about?

Try small amounts of information. It doesn't have to be a professionally designed newsletter to reach your community and engage. If we can taken anything from twitter, we have learned that a powerful piece of information can be less that 140 characters. 

What creative info do you share with your community?


Tiffany WrightstaffingComment