Using infographics as recruiting tools

Exploring the idea of using infographics as recruiting tools may not be something the everyday recruiter would think to use.

What is an infographic anyway?  

A google search quickly tells you that an infogarphic is "a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data." A good infographic, though, is and can be much more. Bloggers, companies, news sources, and other organizations are using infographics to visually display all types of statistical and meaningful data, which are used to advertise or just share interesting information. 

As a graphic designer and corporate recruiting / staffing specialist, I got to thinking how can I use an infographic to educate and recruit additional candidates?

For our hospitality staffing services, we were (and still are) seeking professionals that want to work in hospitality part time. In order to educate some of our current employees outside of our hospitality division, I decided to create a fun infographic that simply tells why the reader why they should consider working in hospitality part time. 

While continuing to educate our candidates on our hospitality staffing services we were also able to create buzz by advertising and pushing out something other than a job ad.

Because infographics are the new trend, visually pleasing (if done correctly) and great for sharing on social media, they can generate a new type of recruitment tool to grow your community of passive job seekers and referrals.

What other ways do you think infographics can be used to recruit? 

Tiffany Wrightold, staffingComment