What is marketing anyway? (for recruiters...)

 My definition of marketing is the ability to educate the public (target market) of your service.

How does this relate to staffing and recruiting?

In order for you to excel at marketing (as a recruiter) you must be good at understanding your target market and educating them. In addition, you've got to know what your marketing. What's your service anyway? Are you simply promoting a job or are you promoting your service!??

Recruiters and staffers get a bad name for throwing jobs out without establishing the trust and getting the audience to understand the service you provide.

I believe there has to be a balance of what you are putting out there. No matter print or web your advertisements/marketing must be balanced - if you really want to create a community of potential applicants. This also helps eliminate the distrust that comes with the staffing / recruiting label.

Where is the balance?

Job ads are necessary, but so are push outs via social media, etc. that explain who you are (as a staffer / recruiter) and what you are about. This can be everything from a brief explanation of the company or department you work for, history of the company or department, interesting news from the industry you staff, etc.

What do you put out there other than job ads?